The signs are everywhere: New clothes, mountains of school supplies and overburdened backpacks. Yep, kiddos throughout Kansas City are heading back to school, if they aren’t there already. The start of a new school year presents the perfect opportunity to check your child’s health. Our 5-Point Checklist will help you make fast work of your child’s back-to-school health needs.

  • Backpack Safety. In your child’s eyes, the theme is the most important aspect of choosing a backpack. From a parent’s perspective, it’s safety first. Make sure the backpack is the right size and fit. The backpack should weigh no more than 10-15% of your child’s body weight. Wide straps go over both shoulders.


  • Healthy Breakfast. We all know a good breakfast can get the day off to a great start. Stock up on easy breakfast staples such as low-fat muffins, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, fruit smoothies sweetened with honey and oatmeal.
  •  Vision and Hearing Screenings. Make an appointment to have your family doctor check your child’s eyes and ears. Undiagnosed vision and hearing problems can make learning and socializing difficult.
  • Contact Information. Make sure the school has the most current emergency contact information as well as a list of your child’s health issues and medications.
  • Immunizations. Check that your child’s immunizations are up-to-date. The Centers for Disease Control is a great resource:

You’re all set to send your student off to school in good health. Have questions about immunizations, vision and hearing screenings or your child’s health in general, but aren’t sure who to ask? Call 816.221-HEAL (4325) for a physician referral.