Lori Kirk Communications Supervisor

Lori Kirk
Communications Supervisor

Sent With Love

“At this time each year, I bring out some of my grandmother Nealie’s Easter postcards from the 1900s. Her family traveled from Tennessee to live in Savannah, MO. People back then used postcards to communicate with each other. By reading what they wrote, I get a peek into their lives.”

Maliah Rodriguez Patient Access Supervisor

Maliah Rodriguez
Patient Access Supervisor

Smashing Good Time

“Our Hispanic tradition is Cascaronez. Cascarón translates to ‘eggshell.’ When you cook, you blow out the inside of the egg for cooking, set aside the shell and save them all year. In April, the kids decorate the outside, fill the inside with glitter or confetti, and seal the opening with tape or wet tissue paper, which hardens. At Easter, the kids chase one other and smash the eggs on each other. It’s a nonsense tradition, but it’s so much fun.”

Chris McQueeny Admitting Coordinator

Chris McQueeny
Admitting Coordinator

Color Matters

“The Greek people dye their eggs bright red as a religious symbol. The fun part is ‘cracking!’ You pick an egg and then crack from the large end to the small end or the other way around, on someone else’s egg. Whoever has an uncracked egg at the end of the game wins and gets good luck the whole year.”

Laura Martin Executive Secretary

Laura Martin
Executive Secretary

Sweet Treat

“I always had a milk chocolate bunny in my Easter basket when I was younger. It was the bunny that came with the Peter Rabbit story. As I got older, the bunny got smaller, or maybe, it just looked bigger when I was little. My mom, Donna Martin, still gets me the bunny, sometime around Easter. She used to work here in Patient Accounts.”