Nathan J. Kiewiet, MD

Guest blogger Dr. Nathan J. Kiewiet, an orthopedic surgeon, offers advice for keeping your feet pain free this summer.

June 17 is National Flip Flop Day! Nothing screams, “It’s summer!” louder than a pair of flip flops. They’re fun, fashionable, comfy and easy on the budget. But while you may be walking on easy street now, you could end up traveling a rough road later in terms of your foot health.

  • Fun, but flimsy. Flip flops are typically flimsy and don’t offer much foot support. While they may protect your feet from hot surfaces, they also place extra strain on your feet and can cause injury.
  • Poolside pals. Most flip flops are not made for all day, every day wear. But, they are perfect for lounging poolside.
  • Let ’em go. Replace your flip flops when they wear out. Your feet will thank you.
  • Pay the price. If you just can’t live without flip flops, spend a little extra money for a pair that offers support, stability, comfort and quality.
  • Think twice. If you have diabetic neuropathy or severe foot abnormalities, flip flops aren’t for you.

Nathan J. Kiewiet, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon with Orthopedic Health of Kansas City.