Nothing pains me more as a personal trainer than seeing a personal struggle with weight loss.  It isn’t easy and it doesn’t come quick.  The important thing to do is realize how weight loss works and what you can do to put yourself in the best position for success.

We often get discouraged by the all-powerful scale.  However, the scale can be affected by many different factors.  Instead of depending so much on the scale, try going by body measurements and the mirror. Don’t get discouraged if you’re losing weight everywhere except your problematic areas.  With patience and consistency your goals will be reached.

I hear many clients say that they only stick to the “fat burning zone.”  If you aren’t familiar with this concept it claims that if you stick to a lower intensity cardio workout, then you will burn more fat.  In theory this is correct, you will burn a higher percentage of your calories from fat than carbohydrates.  However, you are better off doing a higher intensity workout because you will burn more calories and thus more fat in the long run.

The one thing everyone asks me about is their abdominal muscles.  Some claim that doing a bunch of sit-ups will help achieve a slim mid-section. This is called “spot reduction.”  If you’ve tried this method you should know by now it doesn’t work.  You might already have great abdominal muscles but they are more than likely surrounded by fat.  Overall weight loss should be your goal to see those hidden abdominal muscles.  With a healthy diet plan, exercise, and rest you can’t go wrong!

No matter what your reason is for making a change, work both hard and smart! Remember to always consult with a physician before beginning a weight loss regimen.