It’s about that time of year…time to start brainstorming ideas for our 2014 goals and resolutions. Some may choose to eliminate sugar and candy or exercise 5 days a week for 60 minutes.  For some people these may be realistic goals, but for most these goals may too difficult to manage and sustain. To avoid this, remember to choose SMART goals. What we mean by that is…
Specific: target a specific area for improvement
Measurable: quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress
Assignable: specify who will do it
Realistic: state what results can realistically be achieved
Time-related: specify when the result(s) can be achieved

For example:
1) I will choose a salad for lunch 3 times a week.
2) I will be able to walk or run for 30 minutes straight by March 2014
3) I will skip one snack a day to eliminate 250 calories daily.
4) I will eat breakfast 5 days a week

Sometimes our goals can be overwhelming and we can get off track quickly. Make your goals realistic this year and as you achieve them update these goals to continue to push yourself. Habits take time to change, so know yourself and what is realistic for you. Your lifestyle may not allow the same goals as your co-worker or friend. As long as you are working to improve your health, you are making progress! Best of luck in 2014!