U.S. News & World Report ranked North Kansas City Hospital as one of the best hospitals in the region for providing orthopedic services. From sports medicine to joint replacements and spine surgery, our specialists diagnose, treat and rehabilitate athletes of all ages and levels.

Many of our orthopedic surgeons subspecialize, meaning they focus on specific body parts. “In our practice at Drisko, Fee & Parkins, we specialize in different areas, such as shoulders, hands and ankles,” Paul Nassab, MD, says. “That helps patients get the highest level of care.”

NKCH’s orthopedic program combines state-of-the-art technology and personalized care that includes:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to quickly and more accurately diagnose injuries.
  • Ultrasound tests to precisely administer steroid injections
  • Surgical advances such as arthroscopic techniques, minimally invasive options and bone grafting, all of which can reduce tissue damage and shorten recovery times
  • Physical therapy programs to improve mechanics and rehabilitate orthopedic injuries

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In addition to treating local athletes, Dr. Nassab and Matthew Thompson, MD, also treat big league players. When the Los Angeles Dodgers came to town last summer, the doctors got the nod to provide the team with medical services. In the Dodgers’ training room, they assessed injuries, recommended treatment options and gave injections, as necessary. Before moving to Kansas City, Dr. Thompson also worked as an assistant team doctor for the New York Mets. “An important part of what we do at any level in the community is our work with the trainers and players,” Dr. Thompson says.

How to prevent sports injuriesMany of our orthopedic surgeons treat both local and pro athletes. Check out A Walk on the Sidelines for more to this story.

Get more details or find an orthopedic specialist at nkch.org/ortho.