Last year at age 36, April Hord, Purchasing buyer, had finally accepted that she would always be an aunt or a daughter, but not a mother.

Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, years of tests, procedures and surgery left April with scar tissue and little else. Visits to fertility specialists also proved futile. In fact, last year, one expert told April and her husband, Barry, her eggs resembled those of a 60-year-old woman.

Life as Two

April and Barry with DelaneyHer one last hope, bariatric surgery, helped her lose 100 pounds, but after two years, still no pregnancy. “I cried for a long time, but after our last visit to a fertility specialist, I just came to terms with our situation,” April remembered. “It would be just me and my husband going through life together.”

April would continue to support her girlfriends when they held their baby showers or announced their pregnancies. Often, they tried to shield her from the pain by not telling her their wonderful news. They didn’t want to make her sad. “The news hurt, but it was worse they didn’t feel they could share with me. That hurt more,” April remembered.

The couple set about living their life as two. They purchased a new home, Barry got a new job and April received a promotion.

Health Scare

While life was comfortable, April was not.  She had unexplained weight gain and felt uncomfortable pelvic pressure when she walked. Her physician attributed the weight gain to an asthma medication and the pressure to a urinary infection. Certainly plausible explanations for her symptoms. The unresolved pelvic pressure resulted in a sonogram at Women’s Imaging  April feared she might have a tumor. April feared she might have a tumor.

Conducting the sonogram was Cassie Roberts, lead ultrasound technologist. Over the years, Cassie and April became close as Cassie performed the numerous sonograms for April’s endometriosis and PCOS conditions. This time the news was good: April was pregnant! “We both cried. We saw arms, legs and a heart on the sonogram,” April said, smiling.

Delaney with a love sign

April called Barry and asked him to come to the hospital. He expected the worst when he saw April crying. Concern turned to joy when April announced he would be a father.

Four Week Pregnancy

Delaney sleeping in a basketA call to April’s physician, Michelle Daniels, MD, resulted in a same-day appointment. By the end of the day on Friday, Dec. 8, the couple learned they could be parents that weekend. April measured at 36 weeks pregnant and her body already was preparing for delivery. “We learned we were pregnant and possibly could deliver all in one day,” April laughed.

Barry spent the weekend renovating the baby’s room. They also told family members, who were in shock and disbelief. Barry’s father, Kenny, had already decided he wouldn’t be a grandfather. When he heard the news, April remembered he said, “’Why am I the last to know?’ He thought we had known for a long time,” April laughed.

Showered With Gifts

April’s coworkers and family quickly arranged baby showers to help with furnishings, clothing and supplies they needed.

The couple was well prepared when little Delaney Francis joined them on January 10. Not many women can say they only knew about their pregnancy for four weeks. “There is such an overwhelming joy and excitement with her in our lives. We are truly blessed,” said April.

Delaney dressed in pink.