Northland CAPSWhen Erin Stump graduated from Park Hill South High School earlier this year, she had more than a diploma to show for her hard work. Erin, an aspiring physical therapist, spent much of her senior year gaining hands-on work experience at North Kansas City Hospital while earning college credit.

Our partnership with the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (Northland CAPS) enables high school students to explore their interest in medicine and healthcare. The program emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication—everything students need to succeed in a real-world business environment.

Cultivating Professional Skills

Erin, an avid runner, became interested in physical therapy after she injured her knee. While undergoing physical therapy, she thought the profession might be a good match for her, and she signed up to study medicine and healthcare through the Northland CAPS program.

While at NKCH, Erin divided her time between the Acute Rehabilitation Unit and an outpatient rehabilitation clinic. She observed the physical therapists and performed non-clinical duties, such as escorting patients to the therapy area, pulling files, changing linens and helping patients with their exercises. She hopes her work experience will help her get into a well-established physical therapy program.

“I think I have good communication skills, and I’ve always wanted to work with people,” Erin says. “Physical therapy enables me to do that while incorporating sports and overall fitness, which are important to me. I’ve learned a lot about physical therapy from my experiences in Northland CAPS. It’s a great program.”

Northland CAPS runs from August-May and is open to students from North Kansas City, Park Hill, Platte County, Liberty, Smithville and Kearney school districts. Participants spend 2.5 hours of the school day at their program site. In addition to medicine and healthcare, Northland CAPS offers programs in engineering, business, technology and more.

The Northland CAPS program has been so successful that businesses and school districts in Missouri’s Ozark region are working together to launch Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Professional Studies (GO CAPS).

Learn more about the Northland CAPS program or by calling 816.977.8111.