Verifit 2One of the issues we as audiologists have with hearing aids is that everyone’s anatomy is unique, and hearing aid manufacturers cannot account for everyone. This can result in ill-fitting hearing aids.

Having a well-fitting hearing aid is vital for people with hearing loss. Because hearing aid manufacturers cannot account for the unique shape of a person’s ear anatomy, people can be left with hearing aids that do not provide appropriate amplification.

New Device

We can now verify hearing aid performance and then make any needed adjustments with a new device in our Meritas Health ENT offices. With the Verifit 2, a tiny silicone probe microphone is inserted into the ear canal of a patient who is wearing a hearing aid. Connected to a microphone outside the ear, the probe sends information that allows us to determine whether hearing aid amplification is functioning correctly.

With this testing, we can account for an individual’s specific ear canal, measure what is actually coming out of the hearing aid into the person’s ear canal, and then make any needed adjustments to make sure the patient receives the needed level of amplification at every frequency.

We also can use the equipment to measure other hearing aid features, such as directional microphones, to ensure they are functioning properly.

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