Katey vacuumingWhen I first started NKCH’s Move Plus program, I was one jaded 66-year-old woman. I’ve had back problems for around 40 years. I’ve seen multiple doctors and been to multiple rehab programs. They would work for a time, but one bad move and I was down again. Medication, cortisone shots and ice were my life. Pain was my life. I just accepted it.

In July 2019, my pain was so bad I was having trouble walking, sleeping and functioning. New pictures from yet another MRI showed scoliosis, arthritis and bursitis. I thought, “I will live my life like this.”

I told my pain management doctor that I just wanted to vacuum my house without having to lie down for two hours from the pain. He said, “You are the perfect candidate for a new physical therapy program here at NKCH called Move Plus.” I rolled my eyes, but accepted the therapy. I walked into the first session thinking, “This is just another rehab that won’t work.”

Watch for more of Katey’s story coming in the spring issue of Your Health this March.

A Different Ending

After eight weeks, I graduated from the Move Plus program with my life back. I have never felt better in my life.

Katey in studioMy physical therapist, Angie Neperud, was the best thing to happen to me. I was a pain in her side for the first three weeks. I hurt, I didn’t want to move, and I couldn’t believe she was going to make me lift weights. Angie and the other therapists always cheered me on. Most importantly, they understood what I was going through.

Throughout the program, Angie educated me about pain and told me I could choose a better life. She showed me how to do the exercises the right way. She taught me that movement is medicine.

Because of the Move Plus program, I understand where pain comes from and how it works. Do I still have pain? No, my muscles get tight. I know I have not injured myself. I’m just moving my muscles. With the understanding I gained from working with Angie, the book and the program, I will never feel hopeless again. I plan to stay on this path for the rest of my life, and I promise to keep myself active and comfortable.

The Move Plus program changed my life forever.