In Mary Calvert’s typical fashion, she reacted to winning the 2014 Employee of the Year award by saying, “I certainly can’t retire now that I won this great parking spot!” She is pictured with President and CEO, Peggy Schmitt. In June, she celebrated 40 years at NKCH. Mary says she is honored and flattered to win “the biggest award anyone can get at NKCH!” Mary feels blessed to have worked with countless great managers and coworkers. During her acceptance speech, she said she’d like to thank everyone personally but joked that she knew people wanted to go home. Mary is a registered nurse and was the March 2013 employee of the month.

Tandy Gabbert, Mary’s nurse manager, says, “Mary just has an exquisite way about her. She’s compassionate, caring, efficient and effective all at the same time. We couldn’t ask for a better ambassador in the community or with physicians.” Mary says she loves the orthopedics floor and is still impressed by the excellent teamwork that happens there.

Mary is enjoying the perks of winning. The trophy is nice as is the Plaza gift card and the touching card from her children that reads, “To the Employee of the Year and Mother of a Lifetime,” but she says that parking spot takes the cake.