Diane’s wake up call, and blessing in disguise, came when she was diagnosed with breast cancer NoDiane Glennvember 19, 2010. During an appointment with her oncologist, she stepped on the scale and saw 285 pounds. It was the turning point in her life. She knew she needed to be healthy in order to function for her job and family.

Diane has worked at North Kansas City Hospital for 32 years. As a hospital employee she has utilized the educational and group exercise classes, Fitness Center and wellness staff, as well as Cancer Rehab and Fatigue Management. Through these avenues she has been able to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since January 2013, she has lost 100 pounds, going from a size 24 to size 12. Diane doesn’t hesitate to ask the wellness staff for assistance when she needs it to help her maintain her fitness level. Diane tracks her food intake because she knows exercise without changing your diet is only half the battle. She participates in group exercise classes (Spin, Pilates and Boot Camp) several times a week to help her stay motivated.

There have been many changes in her life due to her metamorphosis but the most important thing for her is that she now feels great, she’s off her blood pressure medication and has a whole new wardrobe!

Make Your Own Healthy Lifestyle Change

A group exercise class can seem intimidating to a person new to exercise.  Choose a beginner class so you’re around others similar to your fitness level. Exercising in a group setting has proven to motivate people because you’ve paid for the class, there is a schedule to follow and it takes the guess-work out of “what do I do now?”

For those who prefer a one-on-one session, personal training may be a better option. During these sessions, certified personal trainers take you through a variety of exercises that are right for you. You can take this education beyond your sessions and incorporate it into your daily life for your own sustained healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about the hospital’s Fitness Center, the NKC Community Center or our group fitness classes (land & pool) and personal training sessions to begin your own wellness transformation.