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Lifesaving Trauma Care

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Dusty Baker doesn’t remember the details from the car accident that changed his life on March 4, but he does remember the lifesaving care he received at NKCH. After a 21-day stay in ICU and another two weeks on a medical/surgical unit, Dusty left the hospital for a rehab facility, where he continued his recovery.

“He is a walking miracle because of the care provided here.”

Dusty is now living life and will soon graduate from Iowa State University with a doctorate in psychology. He recently returned to the hospital to thank the staff members who were instrumental in his recovery. “He is a walking miracle because of the care provided here,” said Kate Farlow, nursing director on 6th Floor Hospital.

Dusty with Kelly Carey & Jenna Meyer

Dusty with Occupational Therapist, Jenna Meyer and Physical Therapist, Kelly Carey.

Dusty added, “The care I received was essential to the amazing recovery I have made to date. Not only did the staff care for me with support and encouragement, but they also supported my family and friends. I cannot thank the team here enough.”

Dusty Baker survived nine broken ribs, a shattered pelvis and many other injuries, including a head injury, in a near fatal car accident. He credits the physicians and hospital staff, including Social Worker Dawn Glassman, for saving his life and facilitating his recovery.

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