Even though David Quach, PharmD, MPH, and Julie Beck, PharmD, graduated as pharmacists in May, their learning continues in the new Pharmacy Residency program, which started July 5. After a lengthy selection process, David and Julie were chosen as the hospital’s first participants from more than 40 applications nationwide.

The year-long curriculum provides intensive training intended to develop a skilled, well-rounded professional, who, upon completing the program, is ready to begin practicing or enter a specialty second-year residency.

Upcoming tasks include improving their skills in pharmacy practice, enhancing their ability to teach others (patients and students) and completing several research projects, which will contribute to better patient care. “We condense three years into one to jump start their careers and help increase their skills and knowledge,” explained Matt Baker, PharmD, BCPS, program director.

It’s a team effort, and the goal is to provide a valuable learning experience for David and Julie. Pharmacy staff serve as preceptors and share their knowledge about medication management in a busy acute-care setting.

The information sharing goes both ways. “The residents improve our pharmacy program by bringing a different knowledge base and thought process from their previous institutions,” said Michael Kallenberger, PharmD, BCPS, who coordinates the program with Megan Musselman, PharmD, BCPS.

Julie and David were chosen from more than 40 people nationwide for the hospital’s first pharmacy residency program.

Julie and David were chosen from more than 40 people nationwide for the hospital’s first pharmacy residency program.

David came to the hospital from the University of Iowa with the goal of becoming a hospital pharmacist. His interest in the field grew as he saw his mom take medications for diabetes. He knew NKCH was the place for him to pursue his goal. “I was impressed with the interactions between the pharmacy staff here and how they support each other. It’s a good work environment,” David said.

Julie graduated from UMKC, but her NKCH roots started with her birth here in 1993. Later, she completed a practice experience as a UMKC pharmacy student. “I always liked Pharmacy because I think pharmacists have a unique opportunity to educate patients on their medications and disease states and offer a different perspective,” said Julie, who like David, hopes to be a hospital pharmacist.