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Healthy Noggin Know-how

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Making a few lifestyle changes now can keep your thinking and memory skills sharp later.

Be a quitter. Tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, increases your risk of dementia and other cognitive problems.

Have some heart. Excess weight and high blood pressure raise your risk of heart disease and can also affect your brain health.

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Fill’er up. Fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods can keep you mentally and physically fit.

Rest up. Lack of sleep can make thinking and remembering difficult.

Protect your noggin. Wear your seat belt when in a vehicle and a helmet when playing contact sports or biking. A brain injury increases your risk of dementia.

Be a social butterfly. Make frequent plans with family and friends, or get involved in your community.

Fully engage. Challenge your brain. Play strategy games, create something from scratch, try a complex recipe or take a class.

Work it. Regular exercise helps your heart and can give.

If you think your mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be, check in with one of the neurologists at Meritas Health Neurology. They  offer a range of treatment options for memory loss and other related conditions. Explore our neurological services.

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