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Hats Off to the New Year & Birthdays

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Noisemakers, party hats and bubbly beverages are synonymous with ringing in the New Year, but what about those people who have a double reason to celebrate? We asked four hospital employees who were born on New Year’s Day what it’s like to share their birthday with such an important holiday.

Stacie BlakeStacie Blake, BSN, CGRN Staff Nurse, Pain Management

Family memories?

“The older I got, the taller the tale about my family getting to the hospital. My grandfather told me how cold and miserable it was the night I was born and how my family slid all the way.”

What time? 

“I was the second baby born on New Year’s at Hedrick Medical Center in Chillicothe. My parents didn’t get any free or cool stuff.”

Feel cheated?

“Sometimes. If I didn’t get something for Christmas, I would get it for my birthday. I had 12 months to figure out what I wanted. Sometimes, my birthday presents were wrapped in Christmas paper. Until I became a nurse, I never worked on my birthday. Most everyone gets my birthday off; it’s just sometimes they are hungover the next day.”

Michael GravesMike Graves, MBA, BSN, Senior Director of Cardiovascular Services

Family memories?

“I was the first New Year’s baby born at the hospital in Chicago. My parents got baby food, encyclopedias, diaper service and all kinds of items. But, my father always told me I was late and that cost him a tax deduction. I should have hurried along and got here. My paternal grandfather was born on December 31 and also my brother-in-law.”

Feel cheated?

“Yes. I got my Christmas presents and then my birthday was a letdown. My parents were good about keeping the two celebrations separate. We would all still get together for my birthday.”

Reactions from others?

“When I show my driver’s license, people will look twice and ask if I was a New Year’s baby. It’s interesting to see how they respond and their comments.”

Ed CrawfordEd Crawford, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist

Feel cheated?

“My family tried to keep my birthday separate from Christmas as much as possible. But, my birthday was anticlimactic after the holidays.”

Big celebration?

“Birthdays are often more exciting for other people than they are for me. My wife tries to make it a special day for me.”

Reactions from others?

“People comment when I am filling out papers or I have to show proof of identity. They can’t believe it when they see 1/1.”

Aaron ModinAaron Modin, Storeroom Clerk

Family memories?

“I was born in the afternoon, so I wasn’t the first baby at St. Francis in Topeka. I think my mom got to the hospital on December 31 and was there all night.”

Feel cheated?

“Yes. The Christmas gifts were always my birthday gifts. People forget your birthday because of Christmas.”

Reactions from others?

“When I show my driver’s license, I get that look of disbelief. People will say, ‘Really?’”

Anything unique?

“Everyone celebrates my birthday because of New Year’s. It’s one big party. Everybody is out, and there is always something going on for my birthday.”

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  1. Sherrie Baker December 30, 2018 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    My Granddaughter, Allyson Thomas, was the NKCH New Year’s baby 7 years ago(1/1/2012). Her mom has always had a seperate celebration for her.

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