Being a Leap Year baby makes birthdays even more special for Janel Brown. Officially, Janel Brown, BSN, RN, Inpatient Wound Healing, turns only nine today because she’s a Leap Year baby born on February 29, 1980.

The odds of being a Leapling are only one in 1,461 births. In fact, Janel is the only NKCH employee (out of 3,309) born on February 29. Worldwide there are only 4.1 million Leapers. “I think it’s neat and fun to have a Leap Year birthday,” said Janel.

Leap Year TriviaLeap Year occurs every four years when an extra day is added in February to keep clocks and calendars in sync with the Earth and its seasons. When it’s not a Leap Year, Janel celebrates on February 28 or March 1. “This year I can actually circle 29 on the calendar, and I don’t have to write it in,” she laughed.

Most days, Janel functions fine with her unique birthday, but some computer forms don’t allow for a February 29 birthdate, so she chooses
March 1.

Whatever day she chooses to celebrate, Janel always expects at least one gag gift from friends and family—usually a baby bottle filled with candy to commemorate her young age.