With the new year upon us, you may already be thinking about ways to get healthier in 2020. But with a long winter ahead, it can be challenging to combat winter weight gain. Not to worry, though.

Jill Sartain, fitness center supervisor and personal trainer at North Kansas City Hospital, has some simple ways you can stay fit.


This 5-move full-body workout can be completed in less than seven minutes. Even better, it can be done almost anywhere – regardless of your fitness level.

Move 1

  • The Move: Push-ups
  • Reps: Set of 10 reps
  • Why: Push-ups are great because they tone the chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles.
  • Hack: This exercise can also be modified to accommodate your fitness needs.
    • Variations:
      • Bent knee – This may be easier for beginners
      • Arms closer together – Try this if you want a challenge

Move 2

  • The Move: Crunches
  • Reps: Set of 10-20 reps
  • Why: Crunches target the abdominal muscles.
  • Hack: As you’re doing crunches, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Find a focal point on the ceiling to help maintain form and prevent neck-cramping.
  • Other tips:
    • Lift your head, shoulders and upper back altogether.
    • You can enhance this exercise by lifting the legs, bending the knees and crossing the heels.

Move 3

  • The Move: The Plank
  • Duration: Hold for 10 seconds ( or longer as you get stronger)
  • Why: This exercise works the core.

Move 4

  • The Move: Squats
  • Reps: Set of 10 reps
  • Why: This works the quads, gluts and hamstrings.
  • Hack:
    • Variations:
      • Traditional squat
      • Squat with dumbbells
      • Squat with “kettlebell swing”

Move 5

  • The Move: Lunges
  • Reps: Set of 10-15 reps
  • Why: Lunges work the quads, gluts and hamstrings, also improves balance.
  • Hack:
    • Variations:
      • Reverse lunge – Removes pressure from knees
      • Stationary lunge – One leg at a time

Extra Tips

When it comes to weight loss, the key to success is movement.


If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t overlook the simple things like indoor walking. Whether you’re at a mall, airport or the park, those extra steps count.

Free Weights

Coach potato no more! Grab some weights and do a few sets while binge-watching your favorite Netflix series.

New Year, Healthier You

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