Excelsior Springs HospitalOn June 23, 2014 Excelsior Springs Hospital and NKCH entered into a management agreement that solidified an already long-standing relationship. The two hospitals have had a strategic alliance for nearly four decades, promoting wellness and providing quality healthcare services to patients in the surrounding communities. The new partnership will continue to strengthen that relationship.

Under the terms of the agreement, NKCH will provide operational oversight to ESH through the employment of current CEO Sally Nance, who has held the position for 24 years.

“The partnership means that our community will have seamless, local access to NKCH’s extensive network of specialists and services, and the hospital will have access to financial and operational expertise,” said Sally Nance, ESH CEO. NKCH will also provide temporary staffing and employee education to ESH as needed, although ESH employees will continue to be employed by ESH.

For several years, NCKH physicians, including emergency medicine physicians, ENTs and cardiologists, have traveled to ESH on a regular basis to provide specialty care services.

Peggy Schmitt, president and CEO of NKCH added, “The ultimate goal of our partnership has always been to promote health and improve the availability of health services for the communities that we serve.”

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