Happy New Year! Ringing in the New Year is always so much fun! The hangover that may come the next day? Not so much. Try our tips for handling this unwanted party guest.

First, a public service announcement: Drink responsibly. Keep yourself and others safe by drinking in moderation and choosing a designated driver before hitting the party scene. Better yet, use a rideshare service. 

Prevent a Hangover

Limiting your alcohol intake is the best way to prevent a hangover. However, following these guidelines can help you avoid unpleasant post-party side effects.

  • Choose wisely. Go for beer; clear alcohol like vodka, gin and rum; or drinks made with sugary liquids such as fruit juices. Steer clear of red wine and malt liquors, like tequila, whiskey and cognac, which hand out serious hangovers.
  • Eat before you drink. Fatty foods (think: pizza!) slow down how fast your body absorbs alcohol. Remember to keep nibbling through the night.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water should be your signature drink before, during and after the celebration. A good rule of partying: Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

Help a Hangover

If on New Year’s Day you find yourself couch-bound with fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, thirst or sensitivity to light, rely on these remedies to help kick your hangover to the curb.

  • Eat breakfast. Eating a nutritious breakfast the morning after drinking may help reduce hangover symptoms. Fruit (especially bananas), fruit smoothies, avocado on toast, scrambled eggs or omelets can help replenish important vitamin and minerals.
  • Sleep it off. Drinking too much alcohol can interrupt your regular sleep patterns and sleep quality, which can make a hangover worse. (Just FYI: Passing out is not considered getting a good night’s sleep.) However, sleeping it off the next day helps your body recover and reduces hangover symptoms.
  • Drink plenty of water. Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which leads to loss of fluids. Sipping water or sports drinks rehydrates you quickly. Although coffee is often the go-to drink for hangovers, skip it. It can make your hangover worse.
  • Have another drink. Widely known as “hair of the dog,” many swear by this remedy. However, when you’re hungover, the last thing you probably want to do is drink more alcohol. While there is some science behind how this might work,  we don’t recommend it.

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!