Advice from Dr. Ancy

What are your secrets to creating a good work-life balance?

Life is so busy now with two kids and a full medical practice. I think the key to having work-life balance is planning ahead and making a schedule.

My husband and I, we have a shared Google calendar where we write down all of our appointments, clinic dates, birthday parties, date nights; we even schedule our gym time. Having a visual reminder makes sure everything gets down. Mark out time for what’s important for you. That being said, sometimes you can’t do everything and have to say no, and that’s ok!

Get organized.

Mornings are usually really busy for me, so I have a nighttime routine to get ready for the next day. I pack lunch, look over my patient list, take an evening shower and get my work bag ready. This way when I wake up in the morning, everything is already laid out, and I’m less likely to forget something.

Go off the grid.

We also have a rule about cell phones; no cell phones during dinner unless one of us is on call.

Take time for yourself.

You can’t have work-life balance and be the best version of yourself if you don’t take time out to recharge. It’s really important to take 5 minutes a day to close your eyes, clear your mind, take deep breaths and meditate. It really helps bring down anxiety, increase happiness, and I think it helps me balance out my day.

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