Live Life. Give Life.

During an organ donation, the eerie quietness of the surgery area is a sharp contrast to the hurried activity of phone calls that occurs behind the scenes. This activity is coordinated by Midwest Transplant Network whose staff has only hours to identify and transport organs to suitable recipients throughout the United States. Denice Morrison, [...]

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Photo Finish

From snapping selfies to viewing videos, we live in the age of images. At North Kansas City Hospital, we love pictures, too, especially when they can help us save lives or make our patients more comfortable. Read on to learn about new imaging technologies that help us diagnose and treat patients. Blood Draws: Veinsite Locator If [...]

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How to Get Your Resume to the Top of the Stack

And Other Job Hunting Tips From the Pros As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That’s especially true when you submit your resume for a job. After all, be it on paper or online, resume is your one and only shot at scoring an interview. Two of [...]

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NKCH + Meritas Health

One of the best kept healthcare secrets might be the relationship between North Kansas City Hospital and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Meritas Health. Most people don’t realize that for more than 20 years, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from both organizations have worked side by side to provide quality healthcare. Care That Keeps You Healthy [...]

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Our Healthcare Heroes

Every day, lives are saved and people get better thanks to healthcare professionals, who truly are heroes. Each year, Ingram’s Magazine recognizes local healthcare heroes. This year’s NKCH winners are Ambassador and Volunteer Len Knudston, Auxiliary Staff Achievement; Michael Montgomery, MD, Meritas Health Cardiology, Lifetime Service Achievement; and Robert Pluenneke, MD, Professional Staff Achievement. Len [...]

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New Partnership Expands Prenatal Care in the Northland

Expectant mothers in the Northland will have easier access to prenatal care thanks to a new partnership between North Kansas City Hospital and Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center. The two healthcare providers will work together to provide quality care through every stage of pregnancy. Through the partnership, Samuel U. Rodgers healthcare professionals will provide prenatal [...]

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A Passion to Help

Purchasing Associate Della Alleven gathers medical supplies for donation. Sutures, exam gloves and other medical supplies that are common in the United States can be luxury items in impoverished third-world countries. Life-saving surgeries may be cancelled in some areas of the world because there are no sutures or the needed supplies. It’s hard [...]

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New Partnerships, New Opportunities

Northland residents now have access to a wider range of health and wellness services thanks to our recent partnership with a prominent community organizations. Earlier this year, the new North Kansas City YMCA, a partnership between the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and North Kansas City, created an opportunity for NKCH to serve as the [...]

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