New Technology Maximizes Hearing Aid Fit

One of the issues we as audiologists have with hearing aids is that everyone’s anatomy is unique, and hearing aid manufacturers cannot account for everyone. This can result in ill-fitting hearing aids. Having a well-fitting hearing aid is vital for people with hearing loss. Because hearing aid manufacturers cannot account for the unique shape of [...]

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Epilepsy Treatment Options Gain Ground

One in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime. Yet despite the development of a number of new medications, up to one-third of people with epilepsy do not respond adequately to medications. Even going from four seizures a month to four a year can leave people profoundly limited by their condition. [...]

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DNA Home Test Kits: A Genetic Counselor’s Perspective

The rise in popular at-home DNA tests such as 23andMe and has skyrocketed. In the next few years, demand is expected to more than quadruple. Individuals can buy genetic testing kits from local retailers, send away samples of saliva, discover their ancestry, and learn their predisposition to many diseases and health conditions. They get [...]

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ICMs Help Diagnose Silent AFib and Cause of Fainting

The majority of strokes in the U.S. are caused by a blood clot that plugs an artery leading to the brain. Called ischemic strokes, they are seen in 800,000 people in the U.S. annually. There also are approximately 200,000 people with no identifiable cause for their strokes. These secondary strokes are called cryptogenic strokes. Insertable [...]

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A Safer Way to Medicate

Whether placing an online order or streaming a movie, today’s consumers expect quick and convenient service. It’s an expectation that also extends to healthcare. In recent years, doctors started replacing their prescription pads with electronic prescriptions. Once the e-prescription leaves a doctor’s office, chances are it’s ready for pick up when a customer walks through [...]

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Be Cautious About What You Click and Access

Many of today's cyber-attacks target individual users. The goal of the attackers is to fool you into clicking a link or file that contains malware and lets them into your system. Sometimes the messages will even come right out and ask you to divulge sensitive information under the guise of a trusted service provider or [...]

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Photo Finish

From snapping selfies to viewing videos, we live in the age of images. At North Kansas City Hospital, we love pictures, too, especially when they can help us save lives or make our patients more comfortable. Read on to learn about new imaging technologies that help us diagnose and treat patients. Blood Draws: Veinsite Locator If [...]

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NKCH Reduces Controlled Substance Abuse With Electronic Prescriptions

In Missouri, drug-induced deaths outnumber deaths from homicide and alcohol, a statistic that also holds true in Clay County. Among the culprits – forged prescription pain medications or opioids for nonmedical use. According to the most recent data from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, from 2003-2013 there were 9,122 drug-induced deaths, 4,548 [...]

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Lifesaving Missions for Drones

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, were a hot item on last year’s Christmas lists. Beyond recreational fun, businesses are capitalizing on the drone’s potential to transform healthcare. Disaster Relief One of the first medical applications for a drone was disaster relief. [...]

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