It’s Never Too Late to Grow Old Gracefully

Watching the number of candles on the birthday cake multiply each year isn’t easy. Getting older may bring new challenges, but it’s never too late to adopt healthy habits that can help you grow old gracefully. Three Meritas Health doctors share what works, whether you’re 25 or 75. Keep Moving “Patients always ask me for [...]

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Healthy Inspiration From NKCH Employees

We’re nearing the end of January which brings up the question, “How many people have already given up trying to lose weight or exercise?” In a survey released in January 2018, 45% of Americans vowed to lose weight or exercise as their New Year’s resolutions. By now, most have already gone back to their less-than-healthy [...]

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Avoid Exercise Injuries

We’re usually more active during the summertime doing activities like softball tennis and golf. All these can lead to joint injuries. Orthopedic surgeon, Charles Orth, DO,  was on our Fox 4 Live Healthy segment talking about preventing those injuries. Prevent Injuries Data shows that 30% of all musculoskeletal injuries show up in a physician's office. The [...]

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Five Fun Workouts You Can Do as a Family

In Clay and Platte Counties, nearly one in every three adults is obese and at risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure , heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. To maintain or lose weight, it’s important to be active. Get the whole family involved and reap the rewards. Aside from improving physical health, [...]

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Surf’s Up, KC!

If North Kansas City can’t go to the beach, the beach will go to North Kansas City, as least relatively speaking. This time next year, you could be riding the waves at Flow House Kansas City, a surfing-themed attraction scheduled to open in One North, a mixed-use development under construction at I-35 and Armour Road [...]

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123 Kids Yoga

Burning-off my preschooler’s energy has been a challenge during this rainy spring! We’ve been on the hunt for indoor activities all over the Northland, and I was excited to learn about kids’ classes at the new NKCH Wellness Corner at Zona Rosa. Close to home – check! Weekend classes – check! Affordable – check! Class [...]

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How to Treat Back Pain at Home, and When You Should Call the Your Doctor

So many visitors to search for the term “back pain” that the condition consistently ranks in the Top 10 of our most-searched terms. Considering more than 31 million Americans will seek relief for back pain at some point in their lives, it’s really not all that surprising. Fortunately, most back pain can be cured [...]

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“I’m Too Busy,” and 6 Other Excuses We Make to Avoid Exercising

We all have days when putting in time at the gym or topping 10,000 steps just isn’t going to happen. Sometimes, there’s a legit reason for skipping out. But, other times, not so much. Do you really have a good reason, or are you making up lame excuses? Knowing the difference – and doing something [...]

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