It is that time of year when the kids are heading back to school. It is important for kids to have a healthy meal at school. Here are some ideas for packing healthy lunches for your little ones.

  • You can make lean meat sandwiches, like turkey or chicken on whole wheat bread. You can even buy fun shaped bread that will make the sandwich more exciting.
  • Another idea is to fill up pita bread with hummus & veggies.

Some tasty foods to choose from to go with your main course are yogurt, string cheese, grapes, carrots, raisins or applesauce.

Food PlateTry to think about giving your kids a variety of foods in a variety of colors. The My Plate Method recommends ½ of the plate to be filled with fruits and vegetables, ¼ of the plate to be starchy foods (this would include starchy vegetables like corn and peas) & ¼ of the plate filled with protein (this would include lean meats like chicken, fish, turkey and cheese).

Also, don’t forget about food safety. Remember it is important to keep perishable items cold. Make sure to pack an ice pack & use insulated lunch bags.