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About Kim Shopper

Kim has worked at NKCH for 30 years where she produces the employee newsletter and manages internal campaigns. She serves on the Living With Diabetes Advisory Board and the Chip In For Charity Open golf committee. She is passionate about animal rescue and volunteers for the Parkville Animal Shelter.

Two-Time Finisher

Her first race in 2018 when she competed in the worst weather in the race's 123-year history and she became hypothermic. The Boston Marathon is to runners what the Super Bowl is to football players or the World Series is to baseball athletes. Each year, the 26.2-mile marathon attracts about 30,000 runners, whom [...]

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From Ms. Goodwrench to Nursing Director

An Important Impact According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of female mechanics has slowly increased from 1.4% to 2.1% between 1999-2018. While the growth of female mechanics may be a recent trend, ladies have made an impact in the automobile industry for over a century. • During World War I, women drove [...]

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A Home of Their Own

May is National Foster Care Month, but the plight of children who need foster families is a year-round problem. Four employees stepped up to make a difference for seven children in our area. They share their stories to raise awareness of children who need someone to love and care about them. Annually, 440,000 children need [...]

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Come on Down, You’re the Next Contestant on The Price Is Right

For most TV viewers, it’s an unfilled dream to be a game show contestant. However, Mike Kallenberger, PharmD, BCPS, is one of the lucky ones. He knows how it feels to be a contestant and a winner on the beloved Price Is Right game show, where contestants compete to win cash and prizes in pricing [...]

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Keeping the Faith After a Cancer Diagnosis

David is now in remission and back to work after two years of treatment and recovery. It may sound odd for someone to feel “chosen” for cancer but that’s how David Rolf feels after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. For David, who works in Radiology, his cancer diagnosis strengthened his faith and his [...]

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Carve, Fakie and McTwist…

Couple’s Skateboards Roll Around U.S. Shanon and Jason stay young at heart by making boards for skaters who are typically under 18. Ollie pop. Kickflip. Nosegrind. Those words may sound strange to most adults, but not to Shanon Powers, a teacher at the Children’s Learning Center. Shanon, 51, and her husband, Jason, 44, became familiar [...]

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Warming the Needy With Special Hats

Susan creates hats with personalized messages (below) that she gives to low-income children, the elderly and the homeless. Susan Fierro-Baig, RN, 8th Floor Pavilion, creates hats that provide warmth for heads and hearts. Susan personalizes each hat with an uplifting word, like hope, strength or faith. St. Joseph television station KQ2 recently selected [...]

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Doctor + Doctor = Love

It’s the month of love, when couples celebrate their affection for each other. It’s hard enough for any couple to maintain a successful union, let alone, physicians married to each other. We asked NKCH physician couples how they juggle saving lives with romance and family time. Todd and Alejandra Beardman Todd Beardman, MD, NKCH [...]

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Dream Trip Brings Smiles to Family

Richard, Amanda and Tommy will forever remember their Dream Factory trip. Life for Richard and Amanda Humphrey means constantly focusing on their five-year-old son, Tommy, and controlling his Type 1 diabetes. For Amanda, a CNA on 6th Floor Hospital, and Richard, it’s been 16 months of sleepless nights since Tommy’s diagnosis. But in [...]

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