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As the Digital Marketing Coordinator at NKCH, Jodi is responsible for the hospital's online presence including websites, online advertising, social media, this blog and email communications. She believes in strong relationships, data with a side of gut instinct and has a passion for driving engagement.

Kindness Overflows

The image of a newborn leaving the hospital wearing only a lightweight T-shirt and diaper lingered with Social Worker Mary Ann Lytle, MSW. She knew in her heart babies transferring into foster care deserved more when they left the hospital. Mary Ann wanted to show those babies that NKCH staff cared about them. Asking [...]

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National Colorectal Cancer Month

Ben Mizrahi, MD, Colorectal Surgery Associates, PC Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society's 2019 statistics. Symptoms Although the signs can vary, common symptoms of colorectal cancer may include: No signs or symptoms at all A change of bowel habits [...]

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Healthy Inspiration From NKCH Employees

We’re nearing the end of January which brings up the question, “How many people have already given up trying to lose weight or exercise?” In a survey released in January 2018, 45% of Americans vowed to lose weight or exercise as their New Year’s resolutions. By now, most have already gone back to their less-than-healthy [...]

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NKCH Recognized for Community Health Efforts

NKCH received the Kansas City Medical Society’s Community Service Award at the group’s annual meeting in November. The society gives the annual award to a physician or organization that voluntarily contributes to the health of the community. “The committee chose NKCH because of their generous contributions to the MetroCARE program over the past 10 years,” said Angela Bedell, executive director [...]

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Take 5 Minutes to Reduce Your Risk of Cervical Cancer

Just 40 years ago, cervical cancer was the leading cause of cancer death in women. Thanks to increased use of the Pap smear, cases of cervical cancer have dropped dramatically. Dawn Heizman, MD, with Meritas Health Pavilion For Women While this is fantastic news, there’s still work to be done. Each year, more [...]

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10 Toy Safety Tips

Whether you shop online or scour the stores, picking out the perfect gifts for the little ones on your list can put you in the holiday spirit. Help the toy-loving kiddos in your life have fun and stay safe by keeping these tips in mind while you shop. Avoid the noise. Toys that are too [...]

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The Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health

A growing body of research shows that certain vitamins, minerals and foods may reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Nutritional psychiatrists believe the connection between nutrition and mental health can be found in your gut, more specifically, to the bacteria that grow in the gut (stomach, intestines and colon). There are good and bad [...]

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