Allergies affect as many as 40% of the children in the U.S. Difficulty breathing or a runny nose might not be just another cold caused by germs passed around by students. Classroom allergens are lurking making it harder to learn and increasing absent days due to allergy symptoms.

scott knappenberger, md

Scott Knappenberger, MD

Meritas Health ENT performs allergy testing and immunotherapy services that include scratch testing and custom-formulated immunotherapy, an FDA-approved method to desensitize allergies which has been proven to effectively alleviate allergy symptoms for life in many cases. “We want the best possible care and treatment for our patients,” says Scott Knappenberger, MD, an otolaryngologist. “This service can significantly increase our patients’ quality of life by reducing or eliminating allergy symptoms. Patients also benefit from a full time allergist and physicians who are available to address questions.”

Pollen and pet dander tracked in by other students, indoor mold, and other airborne allergens from a school’s AC system, carpet and open windows can all trigger an allergic reaction. Your child may be able to avoid their allergens, if they know what they are. Don’t worry kids, you don’t have to study for an allergy test!

Gold Standard Testing

pierre podrebarac, MD

Podrebarac, MD

Meritas Health ENT tests adults and children over the age of 10 who suffer from seasonal allergies. “The testing is not painful. A tiny comb gently abrades the skin surface. After the test is performed, it takes about 15 minutes to develop. A positive test will appear as a raised, red bump on the skin, similar to a mosquito bite,” explains otolaryngologist, Pierre Podrebarac, MD.

“Used for more than 100 years, skin testing for the 48 most geographically-specific mold and airborne allergens continues to be the ‘gold standard’ for diagnosing allergic disease.” Immunotherapy medications are then custom-formulated based on the allergy test results. Individualized desensitization therapy can often allow patients to be around those allergens and avoid an allergic reaction. The treatment is also helpful for patients who suffer from asthma, allergic pneumonia, conjunctivitis, undiagnosed cough, dermatitis, insect allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria and angioedema.

Resolving Allergies

Allergen immunotherapy introduces increasing amounts of allergens to a patient via self-injections over several months. Unlike some common allergy therapies, immunotherapy is administered in the comfort of the patient’s home, which saves time, money and trips to a physician’s office. Physicians see patients once a year when they are retested.

Did you know … If both parents have allergies, a child has a 56% chance of having allergies. If one parent has allergies, a child has a 23% chance of having them.

“At Meritas Health ENT, we understand that every patient is different. Each responds differently to different allergens. That’s why we custom-formulate every single dosage of our allergy medications specifically for the individual patient,” says Dr. Knappenberger.

Studies have shown that over 80% of pediatric patients with allergic rhinitis also experience sleep problems, which can lead to fatigue, loss of concentration and poor performance at school. To control allergies, we must first identify them.

Is it a cold, or is it allergies?

“Patients appreciate that allergy immunotherapy can bring them relief and last for many years even after treatment ends,” adds Knappenberger. “After their course of treatment, 80 to 90 percent of patients experience fewer allergy symptoms.” In many cases, their allergies have completely resolved. The common cold and allergies can share many symptoms. Let us know if your child is experiencing congestion, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, itchy or watery eyes, a rash, or trouble focusing, which could be linked to allergies. Meritas Health ENT can help reduce your child’s symptoms and increase their performance at school!

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