Whether you think it’s groovy, cool, fine, or the bee’s knees, slang constantly evolves. Each generation seems to reinvent or create new slang words that, when unaware of their meaning, can seem downright bizarre. Listed below are some of today’s more common and creative slang words along with some easy to understand examples of their use.

To do something well or expertly
“They slayed that presentation.”

Flex – verb
To show off or boast about yourself or something you consider as superior to others
“You need to flex on your skills during the interview to express why you’re the best for the job.”

I’m Dead – interjection
An expression used to indicate you find something extremely humorous, usually accompanied with laugh/cry face emojis
“The dog has been chasing his tale so long that he fell over dizzy. I’m dead!”

oof – interjection
An expression used to indicate pain, discomfort, a feeling of sickness or great pleasure
“Oof! Did you see that?!”

Extra – adjective
Trying too hard; something that’s over the top, dramatic, unnecessary or inappropriate
“She’s being so extra right now.”

Cringey – adjective
Awkward or embarrassing
“His singing is cringey.”

Straight Fire – interjection
An expression used to exclaim that something is in style, desirable, appealing or thoroughly enjoyed
“The new album they released is straight fire!”

Salty – adjective
An term used to describe when you are feeling upset or bitter
“Susan seems really salty about Jim’s comment.”

With social media and texting, slang has expanded to include more acronyms beyond TGIF. Below are common acronyms brought on by the digital age.

ATM – At the moment

BRB – Be right back

IKR– I know, right?

LMK– Let me know

LOL– Laugh out loud

NVM– Never mind

OFC– Of course

ROFL– Roll on floor laughing

SMH– Shaking my head

TBH– To be honest

TFTI – Thanks for the invite

TTYL – Talk to you later

Share your favorite slang terms (keep them clean) in the Comments below.