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3 Must-Have Resources You Need Before Having Joint Replacement Surgery

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Each year, more than 1 million people make the decision to undergo joint replacement surgery. Even though the surgery can get you back on your feet and moving through life, it can be an overwhelming experience. The planning and preparation alone can be challenging.

We understand and created three must-have knee and hip replacement resources that will help you every step of the way. When you know what to expect before, during and after your joint replacement surgery, you rest easier and recover faster.

Resource No. 1: Joint Replacement Video

Our joint replacement video gives you practical advice on actively participating in all stages of your care.

Resource No. 2: Complete Planning Guides

Our Total Hip Replacement Surgery and Total Knee Replacement Surgery planning guides contain convenient checklists, pre-surgery exercises, information about what to expect from the surgery and post-surgery recovery recommendations.

Resource No. 3: Joint Class

If you’re already scheduled for surgery with us, our free, one-hour Total Joint Class covers everything from preparing for surgery to what will happen at the hospital to what you can expect when you return home. The Knee & Hip presentation shared in the class is a valuable quick-reference tool. Register today!

Experience Matters

Experience MattersOur Orthopedic Surgeons performed over 1,700 joint replacements in one year at North Kansas City Hospital, more joint replacement procedures than any hospital in Kansas City.

If you’re considering joint replacement surgery, our resources are your first step. And when you’re ready for the next one, our orthopedic experts are here to help. To find an orthopedic physician, visit nkch.org/find-a-doctor or call 816. 221.HEAL (4325).


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