10 Excuses We’ve All Used to Avoid Working Out

Excuses to avoid exercise

There are days we can’t make it to the gym or fit in our daily cardio. Be sure you’re asking yourself if it’s a legitimate reason or just an excuse. Life is too busy. It is. That’s the truth, but make time for yourself. Whether you’re working two jobs or running two kids to all […]

There are days we can’t make it to the gym or fit in our daily cardio. Be sure you’re asking yourself if it’s a legitimate reason or just an excuse.

  1. Life is too busy. It is. That’s the truth, but make time for yourself. Whether you’re working two jobs or running two kids to all their activities, get moving. Don’t sit and watch soccer practice, walk the perimeter of the field. Even if you can’t manage a full 30 minutes, break it up into 3, 10 minute walks. Schedule exercise like you schedule your favorite TV show. Or better yet, exercise while you watch.
  2. lappingI don’t know how to exercise. We all started somewhere. If hiring a personal trainer isn’t in the budget, join a gym that has knowledgeable staff. They are always happy to help with general questions and show you how to use the equipment. Or, use reputable, online resources. Check out Skinny Mom’s Fitness Index for step-by-step instructions for hundreds of exercise.
  3. I can’t afford a gym membership. That’s ok. You don’t need one. You can work out for free – take a walk around your neighborhood, local park or search YouTube for some workout videos that are all free. The website mentioned above, Skinny Mom has tons of free resources available.
  4. I have a headache. Depending on the level of headache you have, sometimes a good workout is the best medicine. Drink plenty of water and let the endorphins from your workout do their magic. Endorphins are released when you are physically active. They trigger feel-good, positive feelings and reduce your perception of pain. This fun fact rules out this excuse and the next one.
  5. I’m too tired. You don’t have to run a 5 minute mile. Walk at a brisk pace and the workout can actually give you a boost of energy, thanks to the hormones it releases. Making healthy food choice and staying active can give you more daily energy.
  6. I’m too old. No one is too old to work out! Staying active improves your overall health. Working out helps to prevent muscle loss, which prevents falls. Remember, the goal isn’t to run a marathon (unless it is) so find the right activity for you. The saying – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it – is true. The body atrophies failry quickly, especially with a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. I’m too out of shape. If you’re at the gym, you’re to be commending for taking the first steps to a healthier you. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, walk the neighborhood or try a fitness DVD. You can check the library to find one that you like before you invest in purchasing one. “Just move” is the first advice for anyone that is afraid of getting started. Taking the first step is the hardest.
  8. It’s not fun. There are a lot of things we have to do in life that aren’t fun. Being out of shape and unhealthy isn’t fun either. There are so many options for being active, you just have to find what works for you. Even if running is not for you (you have to be a special kind of person to enjoy running) there’s Zumba or cycling class. Bring along your iPad and watch your favorite TV show while you’re on the elliptical. Or, invite a friend. This holds you accountable and serves as motivation because you can’t let them down and not show up.
  9. The Exercise DietI never see results. You can’t see results if you’re not exercising regularly. Weight doesn’t come off over night, nor will muscle miraculously pop out of your sleeves after one workout. If you’ve been working out consistently and still aren’t seeing results, you need to examine your diet. Don’t expect results too soon and give up – stick with it. The results will come, provided you’re eating a well-balanced diet.
  10. I can’t get away from the kiddos. Schedules are tight, we covered that. If getting up early is not an option, there are lots of gyms with child care. If that doesn’t work, see #3, incorporate your kids into your workouts. Again, check for resources like new mom exercises that use baby as weight. For older kids, do a dance video together, have them lift light weights and count reps. Being a healthy example for your kids now , will set them up for life-long healthy habits.

Last thing…

Trifecta of ExerciseThere will be plateaus during your fitness journey. Find a workout that challenges you, but don’t push yourself too hard when getting started or you’ll want to give up. You’ll need to set and adjust your goals for each stage of your fitness level. You’ll undoubtedly feel better, sleep better and be more energized. Never set a goal and work toward the end result. Give yourself a reward when you meet each goal. Think outside the box – the reward doesn’t need to be food or anything that involves spending a lot of money.

Adapted from Skinny Mom


Casey Quintanilla

Casey Quintanilla

Casey has been affiliated with North Kansas City Hospital since 2009, beginning as a graduate school intern. After completing her Master’s Degree she worked as a contract employee through the Community Health and Wellness department until 2010, when she joined the hospital full time as the Employee Wellness Specialist in Human Resources. She attended college at Northwest Missouri State University, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Public Relations, then continued on to earn her Master’s Degree in Applied Health Science. According to Casey, putting her two degrees together yields the most perfect career in the world. On a daily basis she has the opportunity to market all aspects of wellness. She encourages employees of the hospital to live healthier, happier lives by maximizing the potential everyone has inside them. She loves this quote by Dean Ornish: “Poor health is not caused by something you don’t have; it’s caused by disturbing something that you already have. Health is not something you need to get; it’s something you have already if you don’t disturb it.” She believes that everyone has the ability to be the best they can be. Sometimes, they just need a cheerleader to get them there!

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