Orthopedic Specialists Keep Athletes in the Game

Paul Nassab, MD and Matthew Thompson, MD, treat both pro and amateur athletes.

U.S. News & World Report ranked North Kansas City Hospital as one of the best hospitals in the region for providing orthopedic services. From sports medicine to joint replacements and spine surgery, our specialists diagnose, treat and rehabilitate athletes of all ages and levels. Many of our orthopedic surgeons subspecialize, meaning they focus on specific […]

Stop Spring Allergies in Their Tracks

Seasonal Allergies

Each year, freshly cut grass, blooming trees and budding flowers announce spring’s arrival. But if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, the signs of spring bring months of misery. Fortunately, advanced allergy treatment services, can offer relief to even the most severe cases. Allergy treatment includes scratch testing […]

Eggcellent Eggs!

Eggs could be considered a super food.

The 2015 dietary guidelines for Americans proposal indicate dietary cholesterol is not likely to significantly impact circulating cholesterol levels. This is great news for the egg. One egg contains 186mg cholesterol and prior guidelines recommended no more than 300mg cholesterol each day. New research suggests circulating cholesterol levels are linked more closely with the types […]

Hospital Pool to the Rescue

NKCH met a need for the Northstars swimmers when the group needed a practice pool.

With a major competition just months away and no practice pool, NKCH staff came to the aid of local swimmers by making the hospital’s lap pool available to them. The swimmers, ages 8-21, belong to Northstars, a group of specially-challenged competitive athletes. The situation was personal for several NKCH employees who are parents of Northstars […]

Northland CAPS Shows Students the Real World

Northland CAPS student with physical therapist in NKCH’s Acute Rehab Unit

When Erin Stump graduated from Park Hill South High School earlier this year, she had more than a diploma to show for her hard work. Erin, an aspiring physical therapist, spent much of her senior year gaining hands-on work experience at North Kansas City Hospital while earning college credit. Our partnership with the Northland Center […]

New Partnerships, New Opportunities


Northland residents now have access to a wider range of health and wellness services thanks to our recent partnership with a prominent community organizations. Earlier this year, the new North Kansas City YMCA, a partnership between the YMCA of Greater Kansas City and North Kansas City, created an opportunity for NKCH to serve as the […]

Exercise is Good Medicine

Spin Class

It is never too early or too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Ditch the fad diets and make the commitment to transform your life. Wellness Coordinator Paula Nigro believes in the adage “use it or lose it.” “Inactivity can cause muscles to weaken and the heart and lungs to function less efficiently,” she explains. […]