The Sunshine Vitamin

Sun is a good source of Vitamin D

Softball and baseball games, fishing, running, gardening, afternoon walks, golfing – as the weather warms up and spring activities begin, most people can’t help but spend more time outdoors. These outdoor activities can provide relaxation, entertainment, and a very important vitamin – vitamin D! Vitamin D is a unique vitamin, because it can be created […]

A Career to Love

John Hales, Paul Houck and Shawn Souders, found their dream jobs as nurses after following different career paths.

It’s never too late to find a new career. Just ask John Hales, Paul Houck and Shawn Souders, who found their dream jobs as nurses after following different career paths. John Hales, RN, Progressive Care Unit One night, on the drive home from his newspaper job in 2011, John felt less than satisfied about his […]

7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

Make a Good First Impression

Your first impression can either energize or torpedo your networking opportunities. People make decisions about others in a matter of seconds. The good news is that there are always opportunities to enhance your presence at networking events, conferences, interviews or parties. Here are seven ways to make a great first impression. Prepare in Advance Do […]

A Song in Their Hearts

CICU singing nurses

As she walked past Room 929 in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Danielle Winship, BSN, RN, noticed her elderly dementia patient appeared agitated and wanted to get out of bed. That evening, her confusion increased after family members left. In a simple gesture, Danielle took the patient’s hand and in the quietest of voices sang “Make […]

Kitchen vs. Bathroom: The Germ Wars

Kitchens might be germier than bathrooms

In the Household Germ Wars, many people believe bathrooms have the germiest hideouts in the house. But according to research from NSF International, the kitchen wages a pretty good battle. Top 10 Most Germ-Ridden Items in Your Home (ranked most dirty to least dirty) Dish sponges and dish cloths Kitchen sinks Toothbrush holders Pet bowls […]

Don’t Put It Off – Get Screened

Michele Wolf

Like any responsible healthcare professional, Michele Wolf, BSN, CPHRM, ignored her doctor’s advice when she recommended a colonoscopy at age 50. “I waited for two years because it never seemed like the right time,” Michele remembered. She knew she needed to be screened, but hesitancy to get screened related more to the preparation required. “I […]

Our Healthcare Heroes

Ingrams Healthcare Heroes 2016

Every day, lives are saved and people get better thanks to healthcare professionals, who truly are heroes. Each year, Ingram’s Magazine recognizes a few of the local healthcare heroes. This year, they selected Denice Morrison, Surgery educator; and Mary Calvert, who recently retired as an orthopedic nurse, for their dedication and accomplishments in their professions. […]

Top 5 NKCH Dietitian Blog Posts of All Time

North Kansas City Hospital Registered Dietitians

We love our registered dietitian nutritionists here at North Kansas City Hospital, and we are excited they get their own recognition day! They deserve it! Registered dietitian nutritionists, or RDNs, take the science behind nutrition and turn it into easy-to-understand solutions that help us eat and live healthier lives. We compiled a Top 5 montage […]

Noggin Knowledge

Brain Injury Awareness

A hard bonk on the head can be serious business. That’s the message the Brain Injury Association of America wants to spread during Brain Injury Awareness Month. Every 13 seconds, someone in the U.S. suffers a traumatic brain injury as the result of a playground accident, car crash, assault, fall or sports-related mishap. Even the […]