Pastoral Care Week is this week.

NKCH Chaplains

Pastoral Care Week is October 20-26, 2013. This is an opportunity to recognize the significance of appropriate, professional spiritual care in human health and wellness. The Greek philosopher Plato famously advised, “The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” At NKCH, professional chaplains are an integral part of the overall healthcare team, […]

A Thought for Memorial Day


My wife recently recalled a summer family vacation on the eastern seaboard many years ago.  Susan remembered with great clarity a number of the cities and historic sites we visited on that trip, even the less-than-happy reaction of our children at many of the places she and I found especially enjoyable or inspiring at the […]

Defining Spirituality


Believe it or not, it is very difficult to define spirituality. I was recently reminded of this when I participated in an on-line seminar for professional chaplains from all parts of the United States. This group struggled to find a clear, concise understanding of spirituality that we could all accept. We seemed to agree that […]