6 Unexpected Medical Uses for Botox

Botox Injections Treat Poststroke Spasticity

Botox, perhaps best known for its wrinkle-reducing powers, is helping the healthcare industry. One of its most interesting uses involves stroke survivors. After a stroke, muscle spasms in the arm or leg muscles are one of the most challenging obstacles a survivor faces. Spasms can be painful. They often restrict coordination and limit muscle movement, […]

The Sunshine Vitamin

Sun is a good source of Vitamin D

Softball and baseball games, fishing, running, gardening, afternoon walks, golfing – as the weather warms up and spring activities begin, most people can’t help but spend more time outdoors. These outdoor activities can provide relaxation, entertainment, and a very important vitamin – vitamin D! Vitamin D is a unique vitamin, because it can be created […]

Kitchen vs. Bathroom: The Germ Wars

Kitchens might be germier than bathrooms

In the Household Germ Wars, many people believe bathrooms have the germiest hideouts in the house. But according to research from NSF International, the kitchen wages a pretty good battle. Top 10 Most Germ-Ridden Items in Your Home (ranked most dirty to least dirty) Dish sponges and dish cloths Kitchen sinks Toothbrush holders Pet bowls […]

Top 5 NKCH Dietitian Blog Posts of All Time

North Kansas City Hospital Registered Dietitians

We love our registered dietitian nutritionists here at North Kansas City Hospital, and we are excited they get their own recognition day! They deserve it! Registered dietitian nutritionists, or RDNs, take the science behind nutrition and turn it into easy-to-understand solutions that help us eat and live healthier lives. We compiled a Top 5 montage […]

4 Healthy Reasons to Get Your Ducks in a Row

Get Organized

“Get Organized” consistently ranks in the Top 10 of New Year’s resolutions. But for many people, the motivation lasts only through the cleaning of one closet before it fizzles. If piles of papers and clusters of clutter have taken over your life, perhaps this bit of information will recharge your organizational batteries: Organizing your physical […]