Back to Life

Bariatric Surgery Patient

You’ll be dead in 5-10 years.” That’s the message Brian Wilson heard from the ER doctor the day he was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. Fortunately, Brian hadn’t suffered a heart attack, but the experience was the catalyst he needed to change his unhealthy lifestyle. At the time, he weighed 355 pounds. Acid […]

Ups and Downs

fruit sandwich

From a personal standpoint, June – July is a very trying time. Many of those ‘grief dates’ surface. I find it difficult to keep life in balance. As a result, exercise and eating have slid – a lot – and the result of that…. no energy, want to sleep all the time, feel very sluggish. […]

Feel Good Moment


Food continues to be of no interest… never would of dreamed I would truly not care about food. But the better thing…. dug out some jeans that are two sizes smaller…. and they fit good!!!! Down 2 sizes in 8 weeks…. no wonder it is so much easier to pick things up off the floor! […]

Seeing Results


Day 40 – ‎5+ weeks out and the one thing I can say – it is a lot easier to avoid things that I’ve always liked that I’m not supposed to eat then it is to add in the things that I don’t like that I need to eat…. yogurt, cottage cheese, fish…. uck… I […]

Protein Shakes…not the best

Protein powder

Day 25 – I give up – I have tried those stupid protein powders mixed every which way imaginable… I just can’t do them…. either the smell, taste or texture gets me every single time – even the ones that are supposed to have “NO TASTE” – my butt! Tired of puking that crap up… […]

Week 1


Day 2– Pain management was no problem – began lengthening time between dosages and began clear liquids – slowly. Definite pressure when I swallowed, but not pain. All was well. Day 3 – Released to go home with my instructions: drink slowly – not a problem, too big of drinks = discomfort quickly. I was […]

The Decision, Part 3


I found North Kansas City Bariatric Center via internet search. I was glad to find a program north of the river that included everything in one package and one place: a very experienced surgeon, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist, a support system. I initially thought I would do Lap band, but after consultations with Dr. Bergoff […]