Vaccines: They’re Not Just for Kids

You’re never too old to get vaccines. The flu, whooping cough, hepatitis and pneumonia are just a few preventable diseases that affect the 65 and older crowd. Crystal D. LaGalle, DO, an internal medicine doctor with Meritas Health North Kansas City, shares information about on which immunizations you need, why they’re important and how to [...]

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HPV-related Cancers: They’re Preventable

HPV (human papillomavirus) infections are the most common sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. In fact, one in four people currently have an HPV infection, but don’t know it. While most HPV infections go away on their own, about 5% progress to cervical, anal, head and neck, or rarer cancers. HPV-positive head and neck cancer [...]

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How to Find the Right Doctor for You

Many health insurance plans make you designate a primary care doctor, but finding the right one can be difficult and stressful. Michael R. Brown, DO, a family medicine doctor with Meritas Health Park Plaza (Kansas City North, near Parkville) shares tips to help you find a primary care physician that’ s a good fit. A [...]

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Avoid Exercise Injuries

We’re usually more active during the summertime doing activities like softball tennis and golf. All these can lead to joint injuries. Orthopedic surgeon, Charles Orth, DO,  was on our Fox 4 Live Healthy segment talking about preventing those injuries. Prevent Injuries Data shows that 30% of all musculoskeletal injuries show up in a physician's office. The [...]

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NKCH Reduces Controlled Substance Abuse With Electronic Prescriptions

In Missouri, drug-induced deaths outnumber deaths from homicide and alcohol, a statistic that also holds true in Clay County. Among the culprits – forged prescription pain medications or opioids for nonmedical use. According to the most recent data from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, from 2003-2013 there were 9,122 drug-induced deaths, 4,548 [...]

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Meritas Health Establishes Urogynecology Clinic

Urogynecologist, Ian Rosbrugh, MD When women experience pelvic floor disorders causing urinary or fecal incontinence, they often suffer in silence, hesitant to address the topic. They are not alone. The National Institutes of Health estimates one-third of women in the U.S. have pelvic floor disorders. Today, more women are reaching out for help [...]

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NKCH + Meritas Health

One of the best kept healthcare secrets might be the relationship between North Kansas City Hospital and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Meritas Health. Most people don’t realize that for more than 20 years, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from both organizations have worked side by side to provide quality healthcare. Care That Keeps You Healthy [...]

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Codfish Skin Helps Heal Wounds, Reduces Pain Levels

An innovative wound treatment using fish skin is bringing dramatic healing, reduction in pain and cost savings to patients at NKCH. Karl R. Stark, MD, vascular surgeon Vascular Surgeon Karl Stark, MD, with Midwest Aortic and Vascular Institute and director of the hospital’s Wound Healing Center, along with his colleagues, are the Northland’s [...]

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Avoid Getting “Ticked” Off This Summer

Growing up, I spent many summers at my Grandma Cornell’s house in Oronogo, MO, just outside of Joplin. From sun up to sun down, my cousins and I played tag in the tall grass and built forts in overgrown thickets. At the end of each day, Grandma conducted a thorough tick check that included scrutinizing [...]

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