Mrs. Cake Boss

Cake is often the centerpiece of celebrations for life’s special moments, such as birthdays, graduations or a new baby. For the past 33 years, many families have chosen Mae Stover, cake maker extraordinaire, to make just the right centerpiece to mark their special occasions. During the week, Mae is a patient service representative at Meritas [...]

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Oh, Baby!

Last year at age 36, April Hord, Purchasing buyer, had finally accepted that she would always be an aunt or a daughter, but not a mother. Diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis, years of tests, procedures and surgery left April with scar tissue and little else. Visits to fertility specialists also proved futile. In [...]

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Gentle Giants

Chili and Olivia - ready for Halloween. Public acceptance for greyhound racing has declined sharply over the years as news surfaced about improper animal treatment. Dogs viewed as too old or too slow are often no longer of value to owners. Thankfully, there are people like Radiology Supervisor Cheryl Bondank, RTR, and her [...]

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Employee Remembers With 100-Year-Old Postcards

During the holidays, Lori displays her 100-year-old postcards at home in remembrance of her family and their importance to her. Long before instant messaging and cell phones, people relied on letters and postcards to keep in touch across the miles. In the early 20th century, Pony Express riders delivered the mail, which often [...]

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The Award Goes to … Three Nurses!

North Kansas City Hospital nurses took home three top awards, the most ever, in the annual March of Dimes Nurse of the Year gala on November 11. The annual event honors nurses in Greater Kansas City and Kansas. This year’s NKCH winners were Ginny Doelling, RN-BC, CCRP, Rebecca Murrell, MBA, BSN, and Janel Zion, MSN, [...]

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Hospital’s First Pharmacy Residency Program

Even though David Quach, PharmD, MPH, and Julie Beck, PharmD, graduated as pharmacists in May, their learning continues in the new Pharmacy Residency program, which started July 5. After a lengthy selection process, David and Julie were chosen as the hospital’s first participants from more than 40 applications nationwide. The year-long curriculum provides intensive training [...]

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