Dream Trip Brings Smiles to Family

Richard, Amanda and Tommy will forever remember their Dream Factory trip. Life for Richard and Amanda Humphrey means constantly focusing on their five-year-old son, Tommy, and controlling his Type 1 diabetes. For Amanda, a CNA on 6th Floor Hospital, and Richard, it’s been 16 months of sleepless nights since Tommy’s diagnosis. But in [...]

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Take 5 Minutes to Reduce Your Risk of Cervical Cancer

Just 40 years ago, cervical cancer was the leading cause of cancer death in women. Thanks to increased use of the Pap smear, cases of cervical cancer have dropped dramatically. Dawn Heizman, MD, with Meritas Health Pavilion For Women While this is fantastic news, there’s still work to be done. Each year, more [...]

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Hats Off to the New Year & Birthdays

Noisemakers, party hats and bubbly beverages are synonymous with ringing in the New Year, but what about those people who have a double reason to celebrate? We asked four hospital employees who were born on New Year’s Day what it’s like to share their birthday with such an important holiday. Stacie Blake, BSN, CGRN Staff Nurse, [...]

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DNA Home Test Kits: A Genetic Counselor’s Perspective

The rise in popular at-home DNA tests such as 23andMe and Ancestry.com has skyrocketed. In the next few years, demand is expected to more than quadruple. Individuals can buy genetic testing kits from local retailers, send away samples of saliva, discover their ancestry, and learn their predisposition to many diseases and health conditions. They get [...]

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10 Toy Safety Tips

Whether you shop online or scour the stores, picking out the perfect gifts for the little ones on your list can put you in the holiday spirit. Help the toy-loving kiddos in your life have fun and stay safe by keeping these tips in mind while you shop. Avoid the noise. Toys that are too [...]

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Superbugs and Your Health: How to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Guest blogger: Morgan Statt, Health & Safety Investigator, Consumer Safety The discovery of antibiotics last century was a groundbreaking step in medical advancements. Common infections like strep throat that once led to serious complications are now easily treated. Over time however, widespread use of these medicines have caused bacteria to become resistant to the very [...]

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Smoking Dangers for Your Four-Legged Friends

The Great American Smokeout occurs each November with tips on how to kick the habit. But, did you know smoking can impact your pet’s health? When you light up next to Fido you expose your beloved pet to a potentially harmful environment. Nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide are just some of the cancer-causing substances found [...]

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Gynecologist Guides Women Through Menopause Treatment

Gynecologist, James Riojas, MD, FACOG with Meritas Health Obstetrics & Gynecology Most women in the U.S. begin menopause between the ages of 40-58, with an average of 51. Depleting estrogen levels leave women with a range of potentially life-disrupting symptoms and health risks, including genital and sexual symptoms, hot flashes, mood changes, night [...]

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