Kim Shopper

Kim Shopper

Kim has worked at NKCH for 30 years where she produces the employee newsletter and manages internal campaigns. She serves on the Living With Diabetes Advisory Board and the Chip In For Charity Open golf committee. She is passionate about animal rescue and volunteers for the Parkville Animal Shelter.

Employee Remembers With 100-Year-Old Postcards

Christmas Postcards

Long before instant messaging and cell phones, people relied on letters and postcards to keep in touch across the miles. In the early 20th century, Pony Express riders delivered the mail, which often took a week or longer to reach its destination. Mail served as entertainment and families eagerly awaited its delivery. Today, it’s North […]

Workin’ It for Charity

Bruce Winters as Melinda Ryder

Melinda Ryder has shared the stage with Jennifer Holliday, Sister Sledge, Chaka Khan and Wanda Sykes. But, if they met her on the street, they wouldn’t recognize her. That’s because by day, Melinda is Bruce Winter, the kitchen/supply associate at the Children’s Learning Center. At night, he’s a glamour drag queen with a passion for […]

Defenders of the Red, White and Blue

NKCH employees honored on Veterans Day

They were just 18 and 21 when they made one of the biggest decisions of their lives. A decision that took them to the most dangerous locations in the world, while taking them farther away from the most important people in their lives. As Veterans Day approaches on November 11, it’s more than discounts, free […]

She Fought and Won

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Doctors found Trudy Paddack’s breast cancer with a mammogram in 2009 at age 56. In the years before, a history of dense breast tissue led Trudy to have frequent mammograms and other tests to watch suspicious areas. Back then, mammography equipment couldn’t see through dense breast tissue. After months of frequent screenings and no definitive results, Trudy […]

A Lifesaving Maneuver

A relaxing lunch turned into an urgent situation when the Heimlich Maneuver was needed.

Lori Ackley, RN, a Pre-Op nurse, sat down to eat her lettuce salad one day  in the department break room, just like any typical day. Her lunch quickly turned into a lifesaving experience when Lori began choking. Mike Pecora, BSN, a nurse in PACU, came to the rescue. “I asked if she was okay and she […]

Hospital’s First Pharmacy Residency Program

Hospital’s first pharmacy residency program

Even though David Quach, PharmD, MPH, and Julie Beck, PharmD, graduated as pharmacists in May, their learning continues in the new Pharmacy Residency program, which started July 5. After a lengthy selection process, David and Julie were chosen as the hospital’s first participants from more than 40 applications nationwide. The year-long curriculum provides intensive training […]

Lifesaving Missions for Drones

Medical Drone

Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a drone. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, were a hot item on last year’s Christmas lists. Beyond recreational fun, businesses are capitalizing on the drone’s potential to transform healthcare. Disaster Relief One of the first medical applications for a drone was disaster relief. […]

From Yellow to Black

Solar Eclipse

The last time it occurred was nearly 100 years ago on June 8, 1918. People all over Kansas City want to be sure to have a great seat when it happens again this year. The solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21, is a popular topic of conversation from, “Have you purchased your glasses?” to “Where will […]

Hands-free Imaging

NKCH is currently the only Midwestern hospital using the Veinsite technology

The headgear looks like a Space Age invention, but in reality it’s a valuable patient care tool. Lab assistants, serving as phlebotomists, can use the Veinsite® Locator when drawing blood from patients with difficult to locate veins. It’s helpful in patients who are very young, elderly, obese, dehydrated or who have a dark skin tone. With up to 12,000 […]