Kevin Phillips

About Kevin Phillips

I grew up in the Detroit area in Michigan and attended college in Springfield, MO. There I began to date Linda, to whom I’ve now been married for 36 years. We have two kids and 6 grandkids, whom I am told are the rewards parents get for not killing their kids. I have always been an athlete. If it has a ball, I have probably played it. Tennis and basketball are my main games, but I enjoy many others. Because I have always been active in sports, I never really went through that period where most people get where they allow themselves to get out of shape. It was a decision I made early on that I did not want to get old as I aged. So far that has worked out well. I compete with men half my age and can more than hold my own. It seemed a natural career move when I became a personal trainer 6 years ago. I had been working in a golf and fitness center as the Membership Director. It was my personal mission in that role to make all our members feel like they were part of a community, at least they would know one person when they walked in our doors. Customer service is still a high priority with me. The client and his or her needs is my highest priority. I was certified through NETA and have trained nearly 100 clients in 4 different gyms over the last 6 years.