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As the Digital Marketing Coordinator at NKCH, Jodi is responsible for the hospital's online presence including websites, online advertising, social media, this blog and email communications. She believes in strong relationships, data with a side of gut instinct and has a passion for driving engagement.

Breastfeeding Basics

From our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants The top 12 reasons to breastfeed: Your baby will: Be getting the best nutrition available Be smarter Have a stronger immune system Have a lower risk of leukemia and heart disease Be leaner for life Have fewer ear infections You will: Forge a stronger bond with your baby [...]

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Vaccines: They’re Not Just for Kids

You’re never too old to get vaccines. The flu, whooping cough, hepatitis and pneumonia are just a few preventable diseases that affect the 65 and older crowd. Crystal D. LaGalle, DO, an internal medicine doctor with Meritas Health North Kansas City, shares information about on which immunizations you need, why they’re important and how to [...]

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Migraines: The Basics

More than 4 million people experience chronic migraines and have up to 15 migraines per month. The headaches arrive with severe, throbbing pain that can last for days. Migraines cause lost productivity and a reduced quality of life. Diagnosis The first step is to meet with a neurologist, a doctor who specializes in treating headaches. [...]

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Avoid Exercise Injuries

We’re usually more active during the summertime doing activities like softball tennis and golf. All these can lead to joint injuries. Orthopedic surgeon, Charles Orth, DO,  was on our Fox 4 Live Healthy segment talking about preventing those injuries. Prevent Injuries Data shows that 30% of all musculoskeletal injuries show up in a physician's office. The [...]

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A Safer Way to Medicate

Whether placing an online order or streaming a movie, today’s consumers expect quick and convenient service. It’s an expectation that also extends to healthcare. In recent years, doctors started replacing their prescription pads with electronic prescriptions. Once the e-prescription leaves a doctor’s office, chances are it’s ready for pick up when a customer walks through [...]

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Easy Ways to Prevent (or Cure) a New Year’s Hangover

Happy New Year! Ringing in the New Year is always so much fun! The hangover that may come the next day? Not so much. Try our tips for handling this unwanted party guest. First, a public service announcement: Drink responsibly. Keep yourself and others safe by drinking in moderation and choosing a designated driver before [...]

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Festive Entertaining on the Cheap

’Tis the season to be jolly. Before the holidays, you packed your schedule with get-togethers and offered to host a gathering for friends. Now, you’re wondering how you’re going to afford it, let alone get it all done. Fa-la-la-la-la your way to a festive holiday with these low-cost party ideas. Budget-friendly Party Starters Set a [...]

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The Award Goes to … Three Nurses!

North Kansas City Hospital nurses took home three top awards, the most ever, in the annual March of Dimes Nurse of the Year gala on November 11. The annual event honors nurses in Greater Kansas City and Kansas. This year’s NKCH winners were Ginny Doelling, RN-BC, CCRP, Rebecca Murrell, MBA, BSN, and Janel Zion, MSN, [...]

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Eat Better, Eat Together

Families who eat together benefit physically, emotionally and psychologically. But, once you’ve managed to get the family around the table, it’s not always easy to get the conversation flowing. Asking “How was your day?” typically gets you, “Fine.” We challenge you to dig a little deeper and create more meaningful family time. Choose at least [...]

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